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What is Grieving Good & Feeling Better?

Everyone suffers grief at some stage; and for some helping others deal with grief can be a significant part of their job. Loss is never easy, but learning about the normal and necessary process of grief and mourning can help.

House to Grow provides an online educational and wellbeing course for all people wishing to explore, learn, and connect with topics related to grief, coping with grief, loss, and grief support. This experience educates you about grief, it also provides practical tools and ideas for creative expression to cope with grief. This course has been thoughtfully designed as a compassionate and empathetic way to process the healing of any kind of loss. We strive to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment that respects all learning and grieving styles.

Before. The best time to start a conversation on death, loss, and grief is before it occurs, in the school, business, organization, or community. Preventative care is the most effective way to equip children, teens, and adults with the tools and resources needed to face adversity, be resilient, develop healthy coping strategies, and create supportive environments.

During. Grieving Good & Feeling Better will empower you with the tools and resources required to help you respond to grief and loss during the journey. 

After. The course will educate you through difficult situations or times of uncertainty. Even if it has been a while since the event occurred. It’s not too late to get educated for closure on any past event or be prepared for the future.

So welcome. This is a safe place for you to learn and feel supported.

Learning objectives

  • Expand your knowledge of emotional patterns in yourself and others
  • Understand the social neuroscience of emotions and EQ
  • How to read body language and facial expressions
  • Build more effective relationships with and outside of the workplace
  • Understand how different cultures respond to and display emotions
  • Increase your leadership effectiveness by creating an atmosphere that engages others
  • Communicate with emotionally intelligent to positively influence others
  • Learn Mindfulness techniques to grow your Emotional Intelligence.
  • Manage stress, overcome challenging situations and defuse conflict